Malstudio Paloma

Why did I call PALOMA a “studio” and not a painting school?

We are not a classic painting school in the sense that people sit for hours trying to draw the ideal line or perfect proportions. No – we want to have fun while painting. Your holidays are too short to stick to unimportant details. Of course, 40 years ago I learnt everything about proportions, perpective etc. and I will help you to realize your ideas,  but you don’t need to know all  such things to create fantastic pictures.

During the last two years I worked in two  completely different painting schools: One was the classic way: silence, everybody trying hard to become more perfect, no chatting, no laughter.

The other one was liking meeting friends: a big Hello before starting to work, having a cup of coffee chatting away, a bit of music from the radio, talking to each other which kind of picture you were going to do. Sometimes people did not have a plan what to paint that day. But there were hundreds of pictures to look through, until something would catch your eye.

The teacher was always there to help you, but did not push you to be perfect. Nobody is  –  and it is just your special way of doing it that makes your picture unique!

That’s the atmospere in my studio I try to create:  Having a good time together.  Never force yourself, just let go, and immediately your pictures improve!!

Chill out!

Too much ambition kills creativity!!




“We paint the sun!” That’s my motto for painting in Spain.

Alicante has about 300 days of sun a year, even in the winter time the sun shines from 11 a.m. to 3. p.m. every day. So the large garden with the trees and the roofed terrace is the ideal place to paint; but if it rains, you will be most comfortable in the house as well. Each pupil has his own little place to keep his colors, brushes and other tools, and each has his aisle and canvas.

For a break you can have coffee or tea or cold drinks or even a swim in the pool round the corner. You can relax on the roof-top terrace, chatting along or taking a tan. There are coffees and drinks up there, too.The beach is only 5 minutes walk away. So if you book a “whole day” and want to spend the afternoon on the beach, you can come back the next morning to finish your picture.

Never be afraid!! – You can’t go wrong!  In the past those you had never painted before and thought they could never do it,  created the best pictures.I promise that you will go home with a smile on your face and your perfect picture in your hands!