Corona Shutdown

No pupils in my favourite studio run by Gabi Mohr in Cologne!! But Gabi takes her “free” time to express her feelings about the Corona Crisis with colors. Wonderful! By simple means, [...]

Happy New Year !

  …to all those addicted to painting in the whole world! I painted this snow family as a Santa Claus present to my daughter-in-law. They are my eldest son, my daughter-in-law , their [...]

Emoticons – Emojis

I love emoticons! Most of us use them every day on their mobiles. The tiny little buddies make communication so easy and enjoyable! Because I love them, I started painting my favorites – [...]

Making a photo come alive

You never know. I have sometimes painted a picture for someone, who wanted something special, but never the size I did last month! I came to know a Norwegian gentleman, who had been living and [...]

Exhibition at Belen Gallery

  Thanks to everyone who shared the opening of my exhibition in Belen Gallery at Aigües. We spent a wonderful evening together in the unique ambiente of this small gallery. Aigües itself, a small [...]

Family Day at Malstudio Paloma

What a great idea! … The parents of a girl aged ten, from Great Britain had booked Offer 1 “See if you like it”. The family of four were on holiday in El Campello and it was [...]

ArtAigües – Vespre

Hi everybody! Are there any news from the Malstudio Paloma? During the spring time, we had several very successful painting sessions, but that’ not new. I especially enjoyed two families [...]

Let’s “Meetup”

Hola! There are new painting events “meetups” in Malstudio Paloma in Alicante on the sunny Costa Blanca. exists in many countries all round the world. It is an internet [...]

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