Hola - soy Brigitta

For about 38 years I was teaching children from 10 to 17 at different German schools. Due to my husband’s work we moved several times to different cities. I taught all kinds of classes from low to upper.  During my studies I also stayed in Glasgow for a year as an assistant teacher.

What fascinated me most about teaching arts was and still is, that producing good art does not depend on intellectual ability.  For the teacher it is most important to create an atmosphere of well-being and positive emotions. I loved to see children being happy doing beautiful pictures whereas in other subjects, such as Maths or Languages they could not be as successful.

In Spain, in our studio, with the warm climate, the wonderful colors , the sun and the beautiful garden – that’s the perfect atmosphere to be creative. And just anyone can be creative!!

About 3 years ago, my dream of having a place of my own in the South became true. My husband and I found the place, 5 minutes walk from the long sandy beach of Muchavista. We are now splitting our lives between our home in Cologne/Germany and our new home in Alicante/Spain.

With the good weather in Alicante you live a lot more outside than in Germany. We often paint in the garden and you can have a relaxing break on the roof-top with a good coffee or a cold drink. There is a swimming pool round the corner where you can also have a short break .